Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm a Baby Sitter

I was late to share my holiday story, actually it’s (the most) important story! hahahaa, forget it! XD

You know, I've became a baby sitter for a week ago. I didn’t say it was hard or easy, but I just say it was very interesting (maybe) -__-

Habibi & Rasya

Every morning I had to bathe my young nephew (Rasya)
Then, I fed my young nephew with baby porridge
And then, I played with my young nephew, so he didn’t disturb his mother (my sister) when his mother made ​​Brownies, rainbow cake and other cakes.

At 11 am, I had to pick up my old nephew (Habibi) from school (playgroup), he didn’t get a holiday when I got it, because his schedule-holiday was different from the other school. weird! -_-
I HAVE TO KEEP MY NEPHEWS AT ONCE! but it doesn’t matter, for me, babies and children were given a funny and cute face by Allah. So it makes me the spirit of keeping them. And in the future, I WILL  BE A MOTHER TOO SOMEDAY, InsyaAllah !! so, this is the reason why i want to save them like my babies XD

I also had to spend my holiday with my friends from X-1.  There were Atin, Kak Dep, Vina and Ainun. After we got a school report, we went to the Harmony karoke. This place was very very cheap (for student only)! So we decided to sing a song in there for 2 hours, huahahahaa :D
*ini bukan iklan berbayar yaa, bener-bener recommended banget deh!! hihiiii

Huuhhff, I can not say anything about this. But the place was very good and high recommended for student only! Because there was a special offer for student, hihihiii :D Let's look at these photos on TKP ---->

These picture was taken by : Atin, Kak Dep, Vina and Ainun , thanks guys :D


  1. Hei kikiii, karena ga ada kerjaan daritadi asik buka blog kalian ajaaaaa(cuman kiki sama riska sih--" karena promosi di line deng kayaknya) wkwkwk. Bagus niih blognyaa~ ayoo tingkatin hobi nyaa. Kan ini lagi libur jugaa;D ohya, btw harmoni karoke tu dmanaaa? Mau lah kayaknya nyoba kesanaa~ Masih ada gak yaa kira2 promo untuk pelajaar😁ekekeke~

    1. Hahahahaa iya nih sa, ntar sering sering buka yaa :p
      In sha Allah ntar bakal sering update lagi nih.

      Harmoni karoeke tuh di samping pasar swalayan yang besar itu loh di bathoh. Deket rumahnya Hervi, dulunya tempat timezone :D
      Ntar deh pergi sama kiki yaa xD